This is the new Edtective! This updated website will facilitate reflections from me on three subjects: social equity, education and technology. I want to concentrate my exploration on the intersection of the above areas—i.e. on how technology can improve equity and overall student success.

I find fascinating technologies that personalize, scale or diversify learning opportunities. I refer to such technologies as education technology, or “edtech.”

Writing an Edtective article from a Mexico City cafe.

Writing an Edtective article from a Mexico City cafe.

Previously, Edtective was a blog about edtech efforts in Latin America, with a geographic focus on Mexico. I spent summer of 2014 in Mexico City as a freelance journalist for Edtective, interviewing education leaders and writing blog posts. I even made a documentary as a creative conclusion to the three-month project.

The old Edtective was flawed in that I often wrote with an air of feigned expertise, afraid that my lack of credentials—or simply my young age—would discredit my ideas. I wrote with curiosity and good intentions, but I wrote about subjects for which I had no deep appreciation. This is fine. I was passionate about the field of edtech, and I had to plunge in at some point.

This new blog will revolve around issues and ideas that confront me daily and affect my own life, such as those that I encounter in my professional role at Education Elements.

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I hope to write in an authentic and iterative manner: authentic, in that I will be writing transparently as the young, newly-graduated and exuberant me; iterative, in that I intend to actively re-visit and refine my opinions. The ideas that I share now may prove  inconsistent with those in later posts. Hopefully that means that I am growing and not simply forgetful.

I have collected enough perspective in the field of education to feel that I have valuable, original thought to contribute. You can read more about my education background and my work at Education Elements in the About page.

I am also eager to further develop my opinions as I learn from those that have many more years of experiential wisdom. Please share with me your thoughts, whether you think them wise or not. With some luck, through this blog I will converge upon ideas that ultimately help us all better learn and teach.

Photo Credit: “Golden Mountain” by David Yu