About Edtective:

Edtective.com is an education blog by me, Cary Kelly. I write on issues related to edtech (education technology), particularly edtech’s potential to improve learning outcomes across disparate cultures, communities and countries. I’m slowly branching out into other subjects, like civic engagement, community learning, and organizational design.

This blog is my personal exercise in developing informed opinions. I am playing with new perspectives and trying to refine old ideas.

I want to write posts of substance and significance, but I want to write with humor and playfulness. I am not good at this yet, but I am determined to improve. It is too easy to take life too seriously.

Who am I?

Good question. Though those three words merit a longer existential conversation, you can learn more non-education-related details about me from my personal site.*

Ever since I can remember, I have loved learning and spaces for learning. I love school, and I’m passionate about working in education for the foreseeable future.

I attended Arizona public schools for grades K-12 and Arizona State University for my undergraduate degrees in Economics and Global Politics. For the second half of my undergraduate experience, I conducted education research under the direction of Dr. David Garcia and Dr. Eugene Garcia. That research culminated in my honors undergraduate thesis, “After English: A Study of Support for Reclassified English Language Learners in Arizona.”

I spent summer of 2014 as a blogger and freelance journalist in Mexico City. There I started this blog, writing articles on education technology in Latin America. I eventually made a documentary about my findings, though I have since archived that film. (And as you may have noticed, this blog is no longer about edtech in Latin America.)

Now I work at an education consulting company called Education Elements. We help school districts address issues ranging including student engagement, achievement, achievement gaps,  teacher empowerment, return on investment for technology, and district-wide alignment. Ultimately, we’re trying to help students have more impactful, personalized, and self-directed learning experiences. We say personalized learning a lot, which means different things to different people, but it’s usually pretty exciting.

I work as a District Development Associate at  Education Elements. This is a fancy way to say that I work in sales. I am with starting conversations about our work with district leaders and cultivating early relationships together.

Outside of work, I  tutor and mentor students at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula. Also, I direct a street art and advocacy program of the Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation called Community Advocacy Through Art, or CATA. Also also, I co-organize a poetry meetup called the Peninsula Poetry Circle. I love poetry and writing and language. And above all, I love learning with others.


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*Note: My personal site has been out of commission for 1.5 years now. Not sure when I’ll get to that…